Bilan was surprised on the show by children from “the Voice” and girlfriends Rudkovskaya

Билан удивлял на шоу детьми из «Голоса» и подружками Рудковской

The singer presented her new show in “Crocus”, which was attended by well-known businesswoman in the capital and the participants of children’s “Voices”.

15 November at the “Crocus city Hall” Dima Bilan presented his new show, the details of which the singer was kept secret until the very end. He promised a lot of surprises, unusual duets and incredible light show. And did not disappoint!

The show started with a new song, “Live in your head”, the video for which Bilan released a few days ago. But if Dima sang the song alone on the stage, he was not alone. And it is not about the dancer. When Bilan sang, came on the scene pretty girls in fashionable dresses and one by one began to walk the catwalk attached to the stage. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that it’s not just models and some of the most famous businesswomen of the capital: Polina Kitsenko, the owner of Podium Market, the wife of the oligarch Alexander Lebedev, Elena Perminova, and designer Natalia Yakimchuk’s best friend producer Bilan Yana Rudkovskaya. Actually, Jan was watching everything happening from the audience.

“33 songs in one breath, I am impressed! — shared his impressions in his blog Rudkovskaya. — Knowing and working with you 11 years! It was the toughest, most emotional concert I’ve ever been! It was the space! That was incredible!”

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The concert really went like a breeze. But at one point is the breath literally stolen – when the scene came to Dima young participants of children’s “Voices”: the participants of the third season of Daniel Pluzhnikov, Yaroslav Degtyarev, Sasha Filin and Maria panyukova. They performed a four song Bilan “I remember you” is so touching that the audience simply could not hold back the tears. “Goosebumps,” wrote fans in their social networks.

“Thanks to the project of the First channel I is now in the minds of the public associated with children. And I love that,” he admitted from the stage after the song Bilan.

A little later, Dima came on the scene and another child, nick, who starred in the clip of the singer “talk to me” on the problems of children with disabilities. And in the final Dima performed another song from student of the “Academy Stars”. In General, the fans left the hall with the feeling that Dima seems to be ripe for fatherhood.

“You’re so touching about the children,” wrote one. “Would quickly have you been” – wanted more.

How pathetic …. People crying .. and I … # димабилан35 kids from #galottery #indivisible

Video published Yana Rudkovskaya (@rudkovskayaofficial) Nov 15 2016 10:57 PST