Bilan became friends with Timberlake

Билан подружился с Тимберлейком

Together with the Hollywood star singer voiced a character in animated film “Trolls”, which on October 27 released.

Today in rolling out the new animated Comedy Studio “DreamWorks Animeyshn” “Trolls”, characters who were charming trolls with multi-colored manes and positive attitude.

In the original, the main characters Tsvetan and rosette speak for the voice of Justin Timberlake and the stars of the movie “up in the air” Anna Kendrick. And in the Russian version voiced by Dima Bilan and Victoria Daineko. To work on the role of Dima and Vika went to Los Angeles, where the voices of the characters right along with Timberlake and Kendrick!

“I will not hide, I like many songs of Justin Timberlake, told Woman’s Day about meeting a Hollywood star Bilan. — You could say I was even a fan of group “‘N Sync”, these guys do very high quality show, intelligently combining music and dance. And now Justin continues to develop and work, creating new hits. Sometimes I listen to his songs in the car and sing along.

Justin was very easy to communicate with. No arrogance, stardom. He’s very easy to work with. He has a very professional approach to everything”.

When Bilan shared in social networks to their joint scenes with Justin, many fans noted the resemblance of the two artists. However, Dima believes that unites them.

“We are very different, but overall we do have a lot. Starting with the fact that we even worked with the same producer, – said the singer. — I think we’re both musicians who love what they do. Well, we also work in film and dubbing of animated films. And now more plus we’re both trolls!”

In addition to working and socializing with Hollywood stars Dima Bilan and Cheryl Cole had time to walk around Los Angeles. Stroll along the walk of Fame and to make selfi on the background of the famous Hollywood ride from the magnificent beach of Malibu to the fun of Venice, smell the ocean and the freedom near all these points you guys can mark “done”!

“It was not just a trip to Los Angeles, but a real journey into the world of trolls – confessed Bilan. — At the Studio we have arranged a tour where they showed how our characters were created. Therefore, during scoring we have already felt the real Tsvetana and a Rose. And of course we shared tips and discussed some moments with our foreign counterparts Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick. Tried to make our characters as more harmonious and interesting. And I am sure that thanks to our joint efforts, it turned out”.

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