Bilan announced that he was leaving the show “the Voice”

Билан объявил, что покидает шоу «Голос»

The mentor is admitted that the fifth season will be the last.

Popular artist Dima Bilan told reporters that this time, finally leave the chair mentor of “the Voice” after the fifth season.

“This will probably be my last hike there. I understand all the laws of the genre. You can, of course, it is tied to advertising, and Finance. Yes, being in the project has a positive impact on some numbers, invitations. But for me, honestly, it’s not the starting point. If I feel that is the limit, then no money will save you. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Therefore, it is my extreme swim. The decision was made”, – quotes the words Bilan portal “Daily Poster”.

Recognition of Dima of his fans are not surprised, everyone understands what his overloaded schedule. It is for this reason he took a break, having reasoned its decision by the fact that the shooting schedule coincides with other important projects. In the fifth season of the animated series triumphantly returned to its place in the show.

“After receiving the offer to star in the fifth season of “the Voice,” I quite seriously think, – admitted “Antenna” Dima Bilan. — It is a lot of forces, emotions, soul, robs me this project, I very much stuck to the participants and their fates. Stand it? But the temptation is great! Feel that all is not said and done by me in this Grand project, and a new team of mentors is intriguing. Always happy to work with my constant colleague on “the Voice” Leonid Agutin. With Grigory Leps we have excellent relations and participated in General music stories, including singing a duet. With Polina Gagarina we are long friends, and especially drew us closer recent trip to the Olympics in Rio. But how we interact in the red seats, where their unexpected laws, shows shooting! Looking forward!” – said Dima in the beginning of the season.

Apparently, fears were not in vain, and eventually the singer decided to step aside this time for good. Who will replace Morris in the sixth season, is still unknown, first wait until the fifth season. By the way, this Friday on the project will start battles between members of different teams.