Bilan and Dayneko shared details of a joint trip to America

Билан и Дайнеко поделились подробностями совместной поездки в Америку
Colleagues spoke about his transatlantic voyage.

Vika Daineko and Dima Bilan


Dima Bilan and
Vika Dayneko shared his impressions from a recent trip to
Los Angeles. In America two stars visited with an important mission: it is connected with the output
in the Russian hire new animated Comedy Studio “DreamWorks Animeyshn” — “TROLLS”.
Bilan and Dayneko became the main heroes of the Russian dubbing, they gave their
voice Tsvetana and Roses. There, in the campus “, DreamWorks”, in the process of working on
their roles, they met with the original actors dubbing Anna
Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, who also made music producer

According to Dima and
Vicky, Anna and Justin were very pleasant and easy to communicate with “trolls”.
Thanks to the professional advice of Timberlake and a friendly atmosphere in the Studio
the work was very easy and comfortable. But to breathe the air of the capital
cinema our guys also managed. In addition to the main program, stroll on the walk of Fame and selfi on the background
the famous Hollywood — drive from
luxury beach Malibu to Venice fun, smell the ocean and
freedom – done!

“It was not just a trip to Los Angeles, and the real
journey into the world of trolls, — said Dima Bilan.— At the Studio, we staged a
a tour, which showed how our characters were created. Therefore, in
time dubbing we have already felt the real Tsvetana and a Rose. Well
of course, we shared tips and discussed some moments with our
foreign counterparts Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick. Tried
to make our characters as more harmonious and interesting. And I’m sure
thanks to our joint efforts, it turned out”.

“I’m really glad I joined this project, — said Vika
Daineko. — From childhood I’m crazy about these beautiful fantasy creatures —
trolls. A rosette is actually my alter ego, except that I don’t have enough pink
hair. During a trip to Los Angeles we managed to become friends with Anna
Kendrick, it was a great and very productive time. Worked with us two
cult Director Michael Mitchell and Walt Dorn, who participated in
the creation of such animated blockbusters as “Shrek,” “Kung Fu Panda” “puss in
boots”, “Penguins of Madagascar”, “Megamind”, and many others. Work with
professionals of this magnitude is a big fun and big