Bilan admitted that he is ashamed of his old songs

Билан признался, что стыдится своих старых песен

And here Maxim Galkin happy singing everyone!

Last Saturday on the First channel the premiere of the new show Maxim Galkin “Maximmaxim”. The program was attended by many stars, including Dima Bilan.

The singer together with Galkin parodied the category Carpool of American Karaoke show with James Korden. The idea of karaoke in a car is simple: the star is in auto with the lead and singing along with it playing on the radio. Dima has done with “Shape of My Heart” sting, but when Galkin has included the song “I’m a night hooligan” Bilan was not myself.

As it turned out, Dima is ashamed of his single, thanks to which he gained popularity and does not think his early work successful. During the whole first verse Bilan spun in the car as much in the pan and saying: “Now will be trash!”

And the question about the lyrics of the song and even caught the singer by surprise.

“I always wanted to ask you about this song, what “I look like my mother”? Who is this?” asked Galkin.

“It’s the slang of the time”, – said Bilan and Galkin suggested to look in the dictionary Dahl, because he to explain the meaning of the text cannot.

Social networking fans Bilan noted that, when played “bully”, he even blushed, but then quickly cheered and sang together with Galkin song “Taxi No. 1” group of IOWA and “I Will Always Love You” Whitney Houston.

By the way, the opinion of fans Galkina and Bilan about show divided. Some have criticized the star for using the American format. Well, surely you can come up with anything of his own guys? Others thanked Maksim and Dima for the positive.

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