“Big news”: Justin Bieber commented on her pregnancy

«Грандиозная новость»: Наталья Подольская дала комментарий о своей беременности
The singer was surprised by the appearance of a rounded belly.

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Recently in the press again raised a wave of discussions about the possible pregnancy Natalia Podolsky. Several media outlets reported that the actress is expecting her second child. A few days fans of the singer were talking about her “interesting position” and even saw her rounded belly. Just now Natalia commented on widespread rumors.

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“Dear friends I want to tell you big news: I’m not pregnant! Unfortunately or fortunately, but until I’m not pregnant. Why you always see my stomach? I’m not fat, look! Well, how so? I do a lot in the hall” — going through Natalia. Podolsky is now in really great shape. She recently presented the results of work in the gym — at the artist premiere of the video, where she posed Topless in a daring manner.

Filmed something for something… wait?

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By the way, Vladimir Presnyakov, the husband of singer, was present during the recording of the video commentary Natalya on pregnancy. He made it clear that the addition to the family is planned and will take place in the near future. “Soon!” — slip Presnyakov. The actor joked that while a pair he is “pregnant”, as his abdomen has a distinctive rounded shape.