«Широкая кость»? Реальная фигура Анны Седоковой разочаровала фанатов
35-year-old singer was justified for the extra weight.

Anna Sedokova in the pictures in his microblog looks stunning: curvy shapes, slender waist and legs “from ears”. Each new photo actively commented on her fans, who believe the figure of 35-year-old singer is perfect. But recently, an acquaintance of the artist “put her pig” of a snapshot, where Anna looks very different than it used to see the fans.

In social networks gaining popularity the Sedokova, has not been processed in photoshop. She looks like “lady body”. The original photo was posted to microblog Manager Rita Dakota. Later frame quickly scattered in different posts, where users make fun of “fat” appearance of Anna. Appear in the discussion and comments of the fans who try to justify Sedokova. Someone suggests that Sedokova has played a “cruel joke” dress bad style. Other that the singer looks fat from the wrong angle.

Sedokova, by the way, is also not left without attention the publication of his friend. “I am so beautiful in the photo… Know, I’m big-boned!” — jokes Anna.

It should be noted that Sedokova just a year ago became a mother for the third time. And the actress immediately returned to performances and tours that allow the actors to eat right. Most often, the diet traveled with concerts of stars consists of harmful snacks harmful to the body.

Recall that recently Anna has officially presented to the public capital of his new boyfriend — photographer Daniel Velichko. Soon after, she published a photo in a wedding dress, hinting at the impending wedding.