Bianca purchased a luxury apartment

Бьянка приобрела роскошные апартаменты The singer became the owner of their own homes. Currently the artist is engaged in repair. Bianca intends to personally equip every corner of your nest. To place star also chose a few special pieces.

      Бьянка приобрела роскошные апартаменты

      The end of the year for the singer of the hit “was dancing” rich in events. And today, November 17, in hire leaves a Comedy “Stop! Cut! For Baikal!”, where Bianca played a major role. For the singer’s debut in a feature film. And at the end of December, the stars housewarming party – she bought an apartment in the North of Moscow.

      Own home 31-year-old singer bought a few months ago. For an artist this is a truly important event, she was waiting for many years. Now Bianca, along with designers thinking, what will be the interior of the housing and also personally selects all the parts.

      “A spacious one bedroom apartment with an area of about 100 square metres, – has shared with “StarHit” Bianca. – Are you planning to do a big closet. Interior design in the hands of my acquaintances. It will be a cozy nest in white. No frills. I prefer minimalism”.
      Бьянка приобрела роскошные апартаменты

      With the lights in the apartment won’t be a problem, because there’s huge Windows. The only dark room will be a bathroom in it use the black tile and wood. Among the creative ideas R&B singer – fridge in reggae with Bob Marley.

      Interestingly, living room, Bianca hopes to build a totally different way. A friend of the singer once sent her a photo of one of the interiors, seeing that, she knew that this must be her house. The picture depicts a bookshelf from floor to ceiling. Literally every inch of space in this case is very functional. Given the number of music awards Bianchi and gifts of fans, a lot of shelves to her is really useful.