Bianca often indulges in sadness

Бьянка часто предается грусти
Popular singer Bianca, which for the life of the watch a lot of fans, posted a controversial post.

Бьянка часто предается грусти

The artist has published in his “Instagram” black and white picture where you can see the synthesizer.

Бьянка часто предается грусти

The star reported that at the moment experienced depression.

But thanks to this mood are only half an hour to write three songs.

Fans were quick to support the girl.

“Wait! Quickly to a new track! Don’t be sad. We love you very much!”, “Why the sad face? Are you sad? I’m going to cry”, “My Bunny, I love you and your tenderness”, “I want you to be happy and get sad. In an hour everything will fall into place”, “it’s okay. We are with you. It is interesting to listen to.”

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