Бьянка подогрела слухи о собственной беременности The singer posted on Instagram a mixed picture. Fans found in the picture and the signature to it a hint for a soon addition to the family Bianchi. We will remind, in early February, the actress posted the picture, which captured a wedding ring on the hand.
Бьянка подогрела слухи о собственной беременности

In the winter of this year, 32-year-old singer Bianca told fans the happy news. The singer shared on Instagram a photograph of the engagement ring. “Yes!” – signed frame artist, adding to the post a few hearts. Fiance star became a guitarist Roman Bezrukov, with whom she meets for more than a year.

Today Bianca back through the Network, hinted to fans that are waiting for the addition in the family. The chicken eggs caused a resonance among the Internet users.

“Waiting for replenishment”, signed the singer.

“Wow, well, good luck”, “I thought at first that you’re pregnant”, “wow. Congratulations!”, “It’s the intrigue! Type chickens, and in fact, Bianca is waiting for replenishment!”, “Photo-almost in the shape of a heart,” said the fans of the singer.

Бьянка подогрела слухи о собственной беременности

Recall, the news of the engagement was not a surprise for fans of Bianchi. The singer has repeatedly shared on Instagram with posts devoted to the second half. So, in August of last year, the artist published a joint photo with the Novel, taken on the beach. “Miss!” touching signed by the artist. Then the fans expressed the hope that the lovers will soon legalize the relationship. “Suit each other. It’s time the registry office”, “would Like to see your wedding,” said the fans.

Over a long period of time Bianca chose not to advertise personal life. Fans can only guess that the actress is in a relationship, but the singer did not respond to the speculation of the public. Rare footage of her and Roman in the Network has unveiled the personality of the chosen star. Singer Bianca getting married