Муж Бейонсе признался в измене своей супруге
Collapsed the myth of the happy marriage of the singer.

Beyonce and Jay-Z


A recent interview with wife Beyonce — Jay Z shocked his fans. Never has a rapper is not
was so honest, he even admitted that he was not faithful to his wife!

“I for my life have accumulated a lot of psychological problems. Therefore, in
some point, I began to suppress all of your
emotions — not to worry constantly. And as a result, totally lost
contact with my wife. And this led, eventually, to the point that I began to seek solace ”
side” — I changed…” he told husband
36-year-old singer.

The name of his mistress by Jay-Z to call did not dare. But the fans have their
the theory on this. The fact that
although recently, especially after the birth of her twins, beyoncé, the couple
carefully cultivated the myth of the happy marriage, fans of the singer
suspected that in their relationship, things are not so rosy. Especially
these suspicions were intensified last year, when the singer released his album “Lemonade”, where
one of the songs dedicated to a lady called “Becky and the beautiful
hair.” As followed from the text, beyoncé suspected her of having an affair with her husband. The singer’s fans tried to guess who was hiding
for this name, and built the many theories. As the most
probable female candidates for the role of a mistress by Jay-Z, they called singer Rita Ora,
designer Rachel Roy, model Claudia Shilen and even Rihanna… But to find out
surely, someone was so angry beyoncé, they failed.

As for the current situation in the family, Jay Z and his wife,
then, according to the rapper, now everything is much better. However, at some
the time, as admitted by the husband of the singer, it almost came to divorce. What they
saved? As assured by Jay-Z, they really helped the joint sessions
therapist. And to re-establish relations they are working together on their album.