Beyonce will be a large mom

Бейонсе станет многодетной мамой The celebrity confirmed the pregnancy rumors that are exaggerated for the last month. Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z will become parents of twins. Happy celebrity couple accepting congratulations from army of fans from around the world.

      35-year-old Queen of R’n’b Beyonce and her husband, 47-year-old rapper Jay-Z, are expecting a new baby in the family. Rumors about this went a about a month, but no official comments from the representatives of the celebrities were reported. Only in early February, the singer decided to break the silence and share the good news with fans. Beyonce said he expects the adorable twins, and published the photo, which is clearly visible on her rounded belly.

      “We are excited to share their love and happiness. Our family has been blessed twice and we are incredibly grateful for the fact that soon it will increase. Thanks for your good wishes, the Carter family,” this post did Beyonce in his microblog.

      Information about the fact that Beyonce is in an interesting position, blew up the Internet. Fans of the star couple congratulate her and wish her all the best. “Cheers”, “the Lord bless you and your loved ones”, “can’t believe”, “I Love you”, “I’m so glad your happiness”, “This is great news”, “So cute,” was discussed by the fans of a celebrity.

      Previously, beyoncé appeared with a rounded stomach in a commercial for their brand. The footage, distributed in the Network, the star posing in a jacket and tight-fitting t-shirt khaki. After some time the video was removed from the Internet. Fans of beauty was surprised at what happened.

      Recall that Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z are raising a daughter together, blue ivy. The baby was born in January 2012. It happened at a clinic in new York. For conspiracy star gave birth under a pseudonym: in the documents of medical institution, it appeared as Ingrid Jackson.