Beyonce told about the problems in the family

Бейонсе поведала о проблемах в семье After the album Lemonade many fans of the star were left in disbelief. Some of them thought that the new release of the singer — the announcement of the divorce. Representatives of stars review has not yet been reported.

      Бейонсе поведала о проблемах в семье

      On Saturday the Queen of R’n’b has released his long-awaited album Lemonade, with a sinking heart expected its millions of fans around the world. New Beyonce record — this time the intimate flow of revelations on the subject of her life, including personal. In their songs diva mentions the problems in the relationship with her husband, American rapper Jay-Z.

      Many Beyonce fans have started to worry: did the singer hints at divorce with Jay-Z? The occasion was the lyrics with the release. So, in one of the songs lyrical heroine Beyonce regrets the day she put the ring on my finger. The other says that it’s very hurtful smile on His face. And the third exposes the lie in the relationship with your partner. “You’re lying to me nine times out of ten, I know it,” “You come after midnight, but I know your secrets, and I am imperfect”, “Keep your money away from me, I have a lot of their. I will smile alone”, “Freedom! I can’t move, where’s my freedom?” —sings Beyonce.

      Бейонсе поведала о проблемах в семье

      Immediately begs the question — who is this mysterious person that dedicated many songs Beyonce. Her fans are confident that it is none other than the husband of stars. According to some, he is not faithful and cheating on his wife. If you believe the rumors, Beyonce and Jay-Z don’t live together and prefer to book different rooms on the road.

      “Jay-Z has 99 problems, and they are all dedicated to Beyonce”, “Jay-Z? New album Beyonce about you?”, “Jay-Z needs to hold a press conference afterwards. I have a lot of questions”, “What happened between Beyonce and her husband?”, “And Jay-Z definitely listened to the new beyoncé album before its premiere?”, “Tell me, please, was the release of the announcement of the breakup with Jay-Z?” — puzzled listeners Lemonade.

      Бейонсе поведала о проблемах в семье

      No comment from representatives for the stars have not yet been reported. Maybe Beyonce just decided that songs about suffering far more interesting to fans than songs about happy and carefree life successful and married singer with a fortune of $ 440 million.

      Recall that a pair of Queen of R’n’b and producer Jay-Z is one of the most influential in the foreign show business. Spouse Beyonce has worked with many superstars, including Rihanna, Rita Ora, Linkin Park , Justin Timberlake and Kanye West. Beyonce herself is one of the most highly paid artists in the world, besides, the singer is the winner of 20 Grammy awards. The actress and her husband have a child — three year old blue ivy Carter.

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