Beyonce sang about her husband’s infidelity

Бейонсе спела про измены мужа
Pop diva surprised fans with a new album.



The other day Beyonce
pleased fans with a new album called “Lemonade”. However many fans
the pop diva decided that the release of the singer — the announcement of the divorce of the singer and her husband

Rumors in the family
Beyonce and her husband there was a rift, go for a long time. But, perhaps, just now
found any serious proof. New songs of the singer literally
overflowing with intimate details of her personal life. “I’m sorry
wear the ring on the finger… We built sand castles, and now they are destroyed.
If I leave, you will cry, but I promised not to come back…” sings
Beyonce. Pop diva shared with her fans experience and by continuing
of cheating husband, which is thought to cause continuous quarrels of the star couple. “It
last warning. You know that with me you started to really live.
If that happens again, you will lose your wife… I feel other people’s spirits
on your Louis Vuitton. To me it’s all so fucking tired… I
always was attentive and devoted to you, pay attention to all the details. So
what did I do wrong?” — singer sings.

However, love
relationship Beyonce and Jay Z could never be called “simple”, but it is
now, according to the foreign press, they have become unbearable for
both spouses. One of the close friends of the couple told, for example, about the recent
a dinner party, which was held in the house of the singer. “The party has invited about
ten people — only the closest relatives and important business partners.
But throughout the evening, Beyonce spreading with Jay Z and a couple of words. And
he, in turn, strongly ignored a spouse, and then completely disappeared
putting on her shoulders the entertainment of guests. She was upset and nearly
… cried,” said one of those present.

And in September last
year, the network appeared the scandalous video in which the sister of Beyonce
— Solang pounces on Jay Z with her fists. The girl then pulled
bodyguards, and later became known that the cause of the sudden outbursts from
Solange were numerous infidelity Jay Z. Sister Beyonce then simply
stood up for the humiliation pop diva.

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