Бейонсе перестала скрывать своих близнецов
The singer first showed a son and a daughter.

Бейонсе перестала скрывать своих близнецов

Beyoncé with Sir son and daughter Rumi

Photo: Instagram Beyonce

Beyonce in February 2017

Photo: Instagram Beyonce

Beyonce fans rejoice. The singer finally shared the first photos of their twins who gave birth a month ago. The pop star appeared in a bold, colorful robe, with a veil on head and with two tiny twins in his hands. “Sir and Rumi is one
a month!” — signed Beyonce this picture. It is impossible not to notice that this echoes the style of an earlier, February, the, which the singer basically announced her pregnancy.

Current photos of Beyonce for the first time officially confirmed the birth of their twins. A quick signature was a response
just two question, who all this time did not give rest to the singer’s fans: when you were born the twins and how
all the same they are called. The singer announced the date of their birth — June 13. And,
finally, Beyonce has confirmed that she and her husband Jay Z gave the twins names Sir and Rumi.

But all this month, the Network discussed possible options.
The first news was that Beyonce named her baby BEA and son
Sean. And only when it became known that the singer has registered two
a new trademark “Sir” and “Rumi” — fans have guessed that this is
the names of the twins. Since some time ago, Beyonce has issued rights to
the brand “blue ivy”, namely the so-called eldest daughter of singer…

Reportedly, the kids,
which for a long time was discharged from the hospital, settled finally in new
the house in Malibu, rented recently, Beyonce and her husband. This mansion is so
luxurious that it is called a Palace on the beach. Total floor area built
in Mediterranean style, more than a thousand square meters. It is located
on a plot of land of 2.5 hectares and overlooks a stunning view of the ocean.
His rent for a couple is required to pay 400 thousand dollars per month.