Beyonce met with the Pope after allegations of domestic violence

Бейонсе встретилась с папой после обвинений в домашнем насилии

Beyonce has repeatedly spoken about the difficult relationship with his father Matthew Nolson. Supposedly, the man was despotic, demanding, and even raised his hand on the singer and her mother and sister.

The last statement from Beyonce about the cruelty of the father occurred in new album “Lemonade”, which was published last month.

It seems, in the words of the conflicts were much more serious than in fact.

Beyonce and Matthew maintain family relationships and happy to demonstrate them on camera.

In Instagram account of the Queen Bee mom Tina Knowles there were photos of father and daughter.

On the faces of both the smile and the comment to the photo reads: “Proud father.” The picture was taken after the concert the singer in Houston.

The photo was posted a few hours ago, but already has collected more than 25 thousand likes and lots of comments, which differ in content. Somebody’s happy that the family things are good, someone thinks that this is a staged love, and someone asks a question about anything in this case, sang the singer in the new Lemonade if between relatives all well.

Recall that Matthew Knowles was commenting on a new Studio album daughter.


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