Beyonce launches her own line of clothes

Бейонсе запускает собственную линию одежды

The first of April, the singer Beyonce said that first launches own clothing line called Ivy Park. And it was no joke. In a recent interview with Elle, the singer explained why he gave this name to the brand.

Бейонсе запускает собственную линию одежды
“I decided to call his brand “Ivy Park”, because Park is a place that unites all of us. Someone is resting there, and I take out his drive. I think everyone has some place where we draw our strength, where we set ourselves goals that subsequently reach” — said Beyonce.

The first collection consists of sportswear, and it is also not in vain.
“Women should take care of their health. And this applies not only to body – mental health is as important to a man. We all need to find time for yourself, for your soul, without feelings of guilt or selfishness. The world sees you as you see yourself, and treats you the way you treat yourself” — said the mother of four-year-old blue ivy, which, no doubt, also influenced the name of the company mother. It is reported that the clothing collection is from 30 to 200 dollars. You can buy it from chain stores Topshop, Nordstrom and Net-a-Porter from April 14.


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