Beyonce is going to move after the news about her husband’s infidelity

Бейонсе собирается переехать после новости об измене мужа

Gorgeous home Beyonce and Jay-Z in Los Angeles may soon lose one of its owners. Beautiful estate in Bel-air, which is more than a year was the family nest of celebrities going to leave the singer, who learned details about the cheating spouse.

Last week Beyonce released a new album, which vividly described the suffering from the betrayal of a loved one. Naturally, all suspicions fell on the rapper, but the fans of the other woman actress long guessed, but never found evidence of infidelity Jay Z with any of the “suspects” ( in the list of potential passions were Rita Ora, Rachael ray and Rihanna).
In October 2015, Beyonce with her husband and four-year-old daughter blue ivy moved into a lovely house with five bedrooms, spouses which costs 150 thousand dollars. Insiders report that living under the same roof even in such a beautiful house was not happy, and for several months the singer and her husband sleep in separate rooms. In connection with the tense situation in the family, they don’t know what to do with the house and who will remain to live in it, if it breaks down. The fact that Beyonce and Jay-Z really like this house.
“Beyonce and Jay-Z can’t agree on what to do with the house. She said that if the crisis will end in a breakup, it makes no sense to keep paying so much money for the rent, if they can’t be together. Especially now that Beyonce is going on a world tour Formation World Tour” — told an insider, and added that despite the information about infidelity, the singer still wants the husband accompanied her on the tour, but Jay-Z does not want to go with her anywhere, and the house had a lot to do. In addition, he is going to live in Bel air until the end of the lease.

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