Beyonce increased the ass

Бейонсе увеличила попу

Due to the ethnicity of the singer beyoncé for African-American (paternal), it is famous for its appetizing forms. Queen b can hardly be called skinny, however, her body always toned and slim.

Recently in the media leaked information that the roundness Beyonce is not her natural Constitution, and the result of the work of plastic surgeons.

According to the portal MediaTakeOut, the rear part of the body of the singer is not natural, but made: “Bi has nice forms, but she was not always like this”.

However, to prove that the body of the singer was touched by the scalpel of a surgeon, the representatives of the portal can not. It turns out, us only and remains what to believe on the word.

We will remind, the former mistress of the husband of beyoncé told the truth about their affair.

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