Бейонсе лишилась своей самой преданной поклонницы

A week ago we told you about the girl who managed to talk her idol – Beyonce. Using the service FaceTime Queen Bee contacted the high school student ebony banks, which is treated in the Cancer Center Anderson from a rare form of cancer in the fourth stage, and a few minutes to talk to her heart to heart.

To say that ebony was happy – to say nothing. Banks has such a powerful positive charge and, it seemed, now she is all uneasy. But unfortunately, ebony was not able to cope with their illness: four days later, after talking with Beyonce, the girl died.

Unfortunately, ebony was never able to realize his dream – she wanted to be a nurse to help other people like her in the fight against cancer.

Beyonce the death of his most loyal fans did not comment.