Beyonce has hinted at the betrayal of her husband

Бейонсе намекнула на измену мужа

Insiders had previously hinted to the public that the marriage of the star couple Beyonce and Jay Z are not going smoothly, now openly speaks about it and the singer herself. The new Lemonade album, which the artist was presented the other day, she actually directly told that her husband cheated on her and about your feelings related to emotional stress.

Press has repeatedly reported that Jay-Z cheated on wife with Barbadian singer Rihanna, however, we did not understand whether it is someone’s fiction. To once again draw attention to the star persona, or the truth. Insiders say that Beyonce really dislike Ri-Ri and that she has a serious reason, but the celebrities have not commented on their relationship.
“Shame on you, you’re allowed to disappear like this love.. do you think that no other men? You can not do that with a girl who loved you … no forces you to be jealous, it’s better to go crazy” — Beyonce sings in the song “Hold Up”. In the song “Don’t Hurt Yourself” the singer warns “lyrical hero”.
“I’m warning you for the last time. You started to really live only with me. If it happens again – you’ll lose your wife,” sings Beyonce, not mentioning the name changed.
“Our castles are built of sand, and now they are crumbling. If I leave you, you will cry, but I won’t be back, I promise” — this was referred to in the song “Sandcastles”.
In the song “Don’t Hurt Yourself” beyoncé says that she is tired of lies.
“You think I am? You think you married a stupid simpleton? I hear that your Louis Vuitton smelled someone else’s perfume. To me it’s a bloody nuisance. My every tear frees me, what worries me and relieves me” — it is told in the song “All Night”.

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