Бейонсе подогрела слухи о своей беременности
Fans of the singer are waiting for official confirmation of the news.


Photo: Instagram

Fans of 36-year-old beyoncé sure that she was again expecting a child. The rumors about her “interesting
the situation” began to spread about a month ago, but the singer is still
neither confirmed nor denied this information. Meanwhile, the fans start
to lose patience. “Beyonce, how much can you tell us already!” — this
reviews they regularly leave on her page in the social Network.

The first time that the singer
again expecting a child, talking in June. Then many noticed that Beyonce,
which now is jointly with her husband Jay-Z tour, markedly
recovered and fell in loose clothing. Later they began to appear more “evidence”
confirming suspicions of fans. So, for the last time, the singer, being on
the stage is covered with a hand its stomach. This gesture, as we know, the characteristic for future moms. By the way, when the singer was expecting twins,
but not yet announced it, it is precisely this gesture involuntarily
issued on stage her secret.

Interestingly, the singer
shared a picture in which she poses against a painted wall figures
“4”. Fans took it as a direct allusion to the fact that Beyonce is waiting for fourth child.
We will remind, now the singer has three children. The older her daughter blue ivy turned 6 years old. And the twins, whose parents gave a weird
the names of Sir and Rumi, last month celebrated only the first day