Beyonce fulfilled the dream of groupies with cancer 4-th degree

Бейонсе исполнила мечту поклонницы с онкологией 4-й степени

Fulfilling the desires of the fans – not the direct responsibility of celebrities, and more of a hobby. Manifestation of attention to your fans you’ll be Taylor swift and Selena Gomez. These artist on the short leg with their fans and are always happy to agree to take part in some interesting adventure. Now this Duo can add Beyonce.

The pregnant actress has fulfilled the dream of his admirers, thereby cheer her up and encouraged to combat the disease. Using the service FaceTime Queen Bee contacted the high school student ebony banks, which is treated in the Cancer Center Anderson from a rare form of cancer in the fourth stage, and a few minutes to talk to her heart to heart. To say that ebony was happy – to say nothing. Banks has such a powerful positive charge that is now required to cope with the ordeals that fell to her share.

By the way, for communicating with Beyonce ebony have to thank my friends and classmates.

They in social media launched the hashtag #ebobmeetsbeyonce (Ibob — nicknamed ebony banks — meets Beyonce), to attract the attention of Bi. The venture was successful. Everyone is happy.