Beyonce first showed the twins grown up

Бейонсе впервые показала подросших близнецов
Fans of the singer argue, for someone like her children.



On the days the paparazzi managed to finally
photograph 5-month old twins Beyonce. Since then, the singer shared
the only photo of Rumi and Sir made that day when they turned 1
month, they showed children never. The whole 4 months photographers were
an unsuccessful hunt and, finally, they reached their goal. Moreover, it is impossible
even to say that reporters are extremely lucky. After all, Beyonce almost
immediately noticed that it off, this time
wasn’t even trying to hide from the paparazzi. Moreover, it
practically posed for them with the children.

Through this series of pictures (photos can be viewed здесь ) fans were able
to see how grown the twins during this time.
They “ate” his round cheeks and got his already thick enough
hair. At Rumi’s hair is noticeably darker, and her “hair” is decorated with a white mother
a bow that was immediately clear — it’s a girl. Incidentally, already at this
images it becomes clear that the pet Beyonce — her son Sir. She was with him, almost does not leave. But Rumi more often
picks up mother of the singer, Tina Knowles, who arrived in Miami with Beyonce and
her husband Jay Z to help them with children. who is more like Gemini is not yet clear. Some fans, looking at the pictures, decided on Beyonce, and others — that Jay-Z. Paparazzi managed to shoot and
five-year-old singer daughter blue ivy. By the way, according to singer, girl
not at all jealous of the twins to her parents, and she’s just the perfect big
sister. Reportedly, all the family
flew to Miami on a private plane husband of Beyonce.

Recall: the twins were born in June.
And was soon made public the names of the kids, the choice of which really surprised fans
singer. So that she even felt the need to explain why she and her husband
so called their children. “The thing is that the baby, once he was born, led
himself with such dignity that, in turning to him, I wanted to add “sir.” Here
we decided to call him that. And Rumi — the beloved Persian poet, so we
decided to give his daughter’s name…”