Beyonce fans think she already gave birth

Фанаты Бейонсе считают, что она уже родила

Beyonce fans are eagerly awaiting her birth. It is known that from day to day the singer and her husband rapper and producer Jay-Z will become parents again. Celebrity already has a daughter blue ivy, and now have become parents of twins. Previously very active in the social network, the singer became less likely to post their photos, and attentive fans suspect that Beyonce already gave birth to twins.

Фанаты Бейонсе считают, что она уже родила

So, in the last photo the belly of the singer it seemed smaller than in pictures taken at the baby shower party, about the upcoming birth of children.

“Show us their kids”, “Where are the twins?”, “Bay, did you have your baby?” — write the singer subscribers.
As if in proof of this the sister of beyoncé, Solange canceled her concert in Boston, without saying why. Fans celebrities immediately took it as a sign of the birth of the singer. Waiting for official confirmation.

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