Beyonce does not admit women to his wife

Бейонсе не подпускает женщин к своему супругу
The singer gave a decisive rebuff “the raider”.

Бейонсе не подпускает женщин к своему супругу

Beyonce and Jay-Z


comedienne Tiffany Haddish shared memories on stage,
which she saw at the party after the concert, Jay-Z. That night beyoncé for a bit
I left the hall where the guests gathered to talk
with someone from friends. Meanwhile, Jay-Z, who has enjoyed great success with
women were attacked by some famous actress, whose name is Tiffany call
refused. Beauty floated on the charm: she flirted, built
his eyes took a seductive pose… And then as if by accident, touched the chest
Jay-Z. And it was at this point in the hall
re-entered Beyonce.

She from the doorway
assessed the situation and rushed to the “raider”. “Step away now from my husband!”— barely audible hissed the singer, approaching the yoke. And Beyonce was in
this is such that she seemed ready to beat encroached on her husband.
After that, the actress, of course, chose to retire.

Beyonce and Jay
Z have been married for almost 10 years, and for quite a long time their marriage was considered almost
ideal. And only in 2016, in the lyrics to his album Lemonade,
the singer allowed himself to hint at the fact that her husband is unfaithful and she knows about it
infidelities. And then beyoncé was intrigued by everyone saying that her rival —
a kind of “Becky with beautiful hair.” However, fans failed
to figure out who was cheating on Jay Z with his wife. However, the fact of his infidelity was read
unproven as long as the husband of the singer in the past year, he has not repented in his

However, since
then, the couple managed to “repair” their relationship and now they all seem to
nicely. And the birth of twins Sir and Rumi ultimately strengthen the faltering
was marriage. Their marriage began to resemble the idyll. However, Beyonce
prefers continue to look for her husband — just in case.