Beyonce did not interrupt the concert due to ear bleeding

Бейонсе не стала прерывать концерт из-за ушного кровотечения

Concerts Beyonce is known to abound with dances, therefore it is not surprising if during the performance may happen some incident with a drawing of someone from the chorus of minor injuries or abrasions. Speech in new York was traumatic for the woman herself. Right during the performance numbers for beyoncé was bleeding from the ear.

The cause of bleeding was not high blood pressure or other health problems. No, it was much simpler: the singer’s hair was caught in her luxury earring, and when she abruptly tried to throw them back, shackle tore the lobe of her ear. However, much to the delight of fans of the singer didn’t pay the incident any attention and continued performance.

Fans of the singer admired her behavior and began to write about it in social networks.

Fans were extremely happy that the Queen b showed himself not as a capricious star, and how dedicated the man and the artist: “Here, talking about the blood, sweat and tears. This woman will stop at nothing – she continued to speak, even when she realized that her ear’s bleeding”.

However, later on, admiration for the action, beyoncé has taken an unexpected turn. Some admirers of the singer began to encourage others to cut their bodies in its support.

Twitter launched a campaign with the hashtag #CutForBeyonce (“Cut for Beyonce’s”) and #BleedForBeyonce (“Bleed for Beyonce”).

“If the Queen is bleeding, we have to unite and shed our blood to restore her mental strength,” wrote a user of cham, attaching to post a photo of the cut hand.