Beyonce bared Breasts and buttocks in public

Бейонсе оголила грудь и ягодицы на публике

The singer seems to have decided to compete with Kim Kardashian on the part of Frank “naked” dresses. In one such star came to the party in new York.

Beyonce did not lag behind their colleagues-fans of public nudity and released in the next “goal” dress. Party Tidal X she chose a completely transparent black dress from crochet lace. The outfit was really spectacular: a subtle matter created the effect of a second skin. It seemed that Beyonce covered his body graphic floral tattoos! I think the “naked” dresses have reached a new level. Now among the stars especially relevant evening dresses, made entirely from crochet materials.

Of course, such a provocative outfit gave the opportunity to see the body of stars in great detail. However, in contrast to the same Kim Kardashian, Beyonce did not show anything extra, except that the exposed buttocks. The most piquant part of the body was covered by special overlays such as those demonstrated at an Italian diva during the Venice film festival.

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