Beyonce and Jay Z wedding tattoo disappeared

Бейонсе и Джей Зи избавляются от свадебных тату

It seems that marriage is one of the strongest star couples really falling apart.

“Out of sight, out of mind”, and in the case of beyoncé and Jay Z may have to add “down with tattoos”.

Recently it became known that one of the most beautiful and influential couples of America commemorative wedding gets rid of tattoos. Roman numeral IV sexy R’n’b singer and the rapper struck on the ring finger back in 2008. This figure for a couple a long time was magical. But, first, their wedding took place on April 4, in addition, Beyonce was born September 4 and Jay-Z – 4 Oct.

Now on the arm of rapper, the picture became much brighter, and tattoo Beyonce do look more like the wound.

It seems that Western media did not lie when he wrote that the star couple have not so smooth… Like, permanent separation and unwillingness to sacrifice career had a negative impact on relationships.

In the Internet appeared the pictures, which show that the couple is no longer wearing a wedding ring, now it came to tattoos. Although believe in it, to be honest, hard! Because the stars have been married for almost eight years, and are familiar at all ages.

Recall that in 1999, 18-year-old Beyonce Knowles, at that time singer of the group Destiny’s Child, starred in the music video black singer Amil, the first female on the label of rapper Jay-Z. There, the musician saw her for the first time. After this meeting, the singer and rapper were just friends. Somehow Beyonce has admitted that friendship with Jay Z helped her: “I wouldn’t be who I am now if not for this man. He helped me so much. First, we were friends. It’s been like a year and a half before we had our first real date. Six months we only talked on the phone. For me it was so important then to have a friend to whom I needed, who was honest with me”. Eventually this friendship turned into an affair, which, as we know, ended with the stamp in the passport.

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