Бейонсе и ДЖЕЙ-ЗИ забрали двойню домой

Fans of the famous spouses Beyonce and JAY-Z can breathe easy – the famous couple took their newborn babies home. The twins, born prematurely, had to stay in the clinic for two weeks. As reported by the media, the kids were having “some problems” with health, but they are already behind, and Beyonce with children went home safely.

“Beyonce and the twins left the walls of the hospital and looked great. Bi seems calm and peaceful,” — said the insider.
The owls other sources, the couple spend 400 thousand dollars a month for a house in Malibu, where they will stay until the end of summer. Near the mansion eats for mental relaxation – pool, garden, surrounded by rose bushes and a tennis court.
Recall that the official statement about the birth of the baby until it was, except for a public congratulations of the father of Beyonce Knowles Malibu. According to unconfirmed reports, the singer and the singer had a son and a daughter, who was named Sean and BEA (Beatrice).