Beyonce and Jay-Z refused engagement rings

Бейонсе и Джей-Зи отказались от обручальных колец

News about the crisis in family life, beyoncé and Jay-Z has long been not news. I must say that the heated interest in the topic and celebrities. So, the couple in the last photos showed her free from engagement rings hands.

Бейонсе и Джей-Зи отказались от обручальных колец
Latest album Beyonce just did teems with songs about the betrayal “lyrical hero”, in which fans of the actress saw her husband. They tried to find a new object of adoration, when it got Rachel ray, Rihanna and Rita ora – the women with whom ever attributed adultery Jay-Z (has not stopped rabid fans, even that the authorship of the songs do not belong to beyoncé).

Anyway, despite the support of rapper and gratitude Beyonce in the direction of faithful fans (and with them, and hungry for sensation journalists) started to pay attention to the details. This time, alarmed by their absence of engagement rings. And if the lack of a ring on the finger beyoncé can be justified by the fear of losing a jewel worth five million dollars, then question why your not wearing Jay-Z – remains open.

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