Beyonce and Jay Z are preparing to become parents again

Бейонсе и Jay Z готовятся вновь стать родителями The singer and rapper are planning to have another baby. According to foreign publications, Jay Z and Beyonce are going to adopt a baby and have already started the search. The couple wants to have a new family member was about the same age as their daughter blue ivy.

      Бейонсе и Jay Z готовятся вновь стать родителями

      Famous singer Beyonce and her husband Jay Z seriously thinking about having another child. The press has not silenced the rumors about his wife’s pregnancy rapper. However, the artist is not ready for the second birth. In turn, foreign publications say that she has health problems and she will not be able to carry a child.

      However, the couple found a solution to the problem. Beyonce and Jay Z are in negotiations with one of the boarding schools about adoption baby. They have a lot of demands for a foster child.

      “They always wanted in their family were several children, and they do not want to between blue ivy and her sister or brother was a big age difference. Beyonce likes motherhood, she liked being pregnant, but repeat it does not work, and the clock is ticking, time is running out”, – said the insider.

      Recall that the American stars growing daughter blue ivy Carter. According to foreign tabloids, long time Beyonce was impossible to conceive. The birth of a daughter was a huge happiness for her and her husband. However, after the introduction of the successor couple the light began to circulate rumors that it has made another woman. Later appeared the new Yorker Tina Seals, who has filed a lawsuit against beyoncé and Jay Z to determine whether she is the biological mother of the girl. With no financial requirements a native of the “Big Apple” were not nominated.

      Four-year blue ivy is not just up on stage with mom and dad. And glossy magazines never tire of repeating that her daughter Beyonce is one of the most stylish daughters of famous parents.

      The singer loves his family very much. “No feelings similar to those I experience when my daughter blue ivy says “mom”. Nothing beats the feeling that arises when I look into the eyes of her husband. Another most incredible feeling in my life, when during a concert I understand that my songs are able to change someone’s life!” – ivy told me in one interview.