Beyonce and Jay-Z are going to adopt a child

Бейонсе и Джей Зи собираются усыновить ребенка

The couple want to have their four year old daughter blue ivy have a little brother or sister and the same age.

The international press regularly writes about Beyonce’s pregnancy. And, as they say, no smoke without fire. These rumors are not groundless. The singer and her husband Jay Z have long been planning for a second child, however, Beyonce claims that to give birth a second time she doesn’t want to. However, in a stellar coterie whispering that she had health problems, so doctors are cautious about whether the star to bear a child. In General, whichever of the versions neither was true, the couple still have found a way out. The couple decided to adopt a baby.

Now Beyonce and Jay-Z are in negotiations with one of the boarding schools about adoption baby. Requirements the star couple a lot. One of the main conditions is that the child was the same age as their daughter blue ivy and the girl in January will be five years.

“They always wanted in their family were several children, and they do not want to between blue ivy and her sister or brother was a big age difference, – told a source close to the couple told reporters. — Beyonce likes motherhood, she liked being pregnant, but repeat it does not work, and the clock is ticking, time is running out”.

Incidentally, even during the first pregnancy, beyoncé has already been a lot of rumors. For example, that the singer was not pregnant, and the baby carried by another woman. Especially as a new Yorker Tina Seals has filed a lawsuit against beyoncé and Jay Z to determine whether she is the biological mother of the girl.

Whatever it was, but Beyonce adores my little girl.

“No feelings similar to those I experience when my daughter blue ivy says “mom”. Nothing beats the feeling that arises when I look into the eyes of her husband,” admitted the singer in an interview.