Beyonce and Jay Z abandoned plans for a second child

Бейонсе и Джей Зи отказались от планов на второго ребёнка

When between husband and wife there is no agreement, there can be no question of planning for the child. American singer beyoncé and rapper Jay-Z, who once dreamed of a big family, don’t want to have children. The four artists are raising blue ivy, and, according to insiders, this will be the last of their common child.

According to a source close to the family, the singer decided to stop to prepare your body for motherhood. She decided to plunge into work and give your body a rest. On tour Beyonce also refused to take her husband, and this, perhaps, happened for the first time in their marriage.
“Jay now needs to settle a few lawsuits, and the Bay was just tired because she has to constantly push him to fatherhood. Moreover, their marriage is now unstable and it is unknown how long it will last” — said the insider.
By the way, the tour alone is not all that Beyonce was going to do without her husband. Recently, the artist founded his own brand of clothing Ivy Park, and designed it only for themselves. And in this the friends of the family also see the plan of the singer to escape from the marriage. Let’s hope that the crisis in the family Beyonce and Jay Z will soon disappear.

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