Beyonce and demanded money for a sample of a murdered star YouTube

С Бейонсе потребовали деньги за сэмпл убитой звезды YouTube

Pregnant American singer Beyonce faced with a lawsuit. She sued the representatives of deceased American rapper Anthony Barre, known under the pseudonym of Messy Mya. The reason was the use of the clip of the singer sampled from the movie the departed and less famous colleagues.

TMZ reports that the rapper is now demanding from the artist of not more nor less – $ 20 million compensation, because the team is beyoncé not only plagiochila sample, but took whole passages of monologue artist, not bothering to ask permission.
At the beginning of his music video for the song “Formation” Beyonce says of the phrase Messy Mya “What happened after New Orleans?” and “I’m back. According to your numerous requests”. The same phrase starts and the movie the rapper, which he posted on his channel in You Tube in 2010. In the same year he died from firearms.
Recall that clip of “Formation” by Beyonce released in 2016, and in August received the award MTV Video Music Awards in the category “Best video of the year”.