Bet you didn’t expect? In Cambridge staged a competition of butts

Спорим, не ожидали? В Кембридже устроили конкурс попок

Five years girl one of the most prestigious universities in the UK naked. And no, their is not rule, and reward!

Who would have thought that prudish Britain in Cambridge will be walking around naked girls?! And for them to run on the heels of the photographers, choosing the best angle… And blue eyes, beefy butts!

Yes, we’re not kidding! For the past five years, students who sleep at night does not give glory to Kim Kardashian, you can participate in the contest “the Best butt of Cambridge”.

The contest rules are very simple. Participants must be funny and witty. There is another detail that made competition to the whole world: to be photographed boys and girls should not just anywhere, but in the native Alma mater. So bare ass on the roof, the balcony or in the lecture hall, and it’s in the bag! You already claim to be.

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