Best sofas for sleeping: review and rating models

Лучшие диваны для сна: рейтинг и обзор моделей

One of the most important conditions of a healthy lifestyle is a daily good night’s sleep. In sum, we spend a third of life, so it is important to pick the perfect sleeping place with the desired hardness, elasticity, and dimensions. If the area of the apartment provides a separate bedroom, to the aid of the sofas for sleeping. By day they function as places to relax, and at night turns into a comfortable bed. Consider a rating of high quality sofas to sleep to help you to choose the best model.

Comfortable modern sofa Atlanta

Sofa “Atlanta”, made in a restrained European style, without any doubt, will decorate the interior of the living room or bedroom. Under his seat there is a box for linen. The sofa is equipped with armrests with decorative moldings from MDF . By the way, the sofas Atlanta can be produced in a direct “evroknizhka” and in the corner version, with the mechanism of “Dolphin”. Their terms of operation are quite large, are these models cheap.

Лучшие диваны для сна: рейтинг и обзор моделей

Model “Atlanta” has a simple geometrical shape making it suitable for most modern interiors. As the upholstery material used practical eco-leather or combination fabric materials: velour, twill, microfiber, etc.

Practical and stylish sofa “Amsterdam”

Modern sofa “Amsterdam” combines the practicality and optimal functionality. The model became one of the most popular among consumers and, significantly, does not lose their positions for several years.

Лучшие диваны для сна: рейтинг и обзор моделей

“Amsterdam” has a number of advantages, among which stands out:

  • small size in combination with time-tested mechanism “eurobook” gives the possibility of placing this sofa in the bedroom and in the living room;
  • model quickly and easily decomposed, which is enough to remove the cushions and push the seat forward, then lower back down to horizontal with the floor;
  • “Amsterdam” has a low price because its production is quite simple;
  • the sofa is easy to repair, particularly when the mechanism of the sofa due to any mechanical damage, its repair, even for the unprepared person;
  • the model has ample Belevich under the seat;
  • the sofa has a solid selection of colors and several types of filling, including elastic polyurethane foam, and spring units: dependent and independent.

Sofa Bristol — sleeper in the kitchen

Model Bristol the salvation for those who constantly need spare place, and the free space for it is only in the kitchen. This stylish folding sofa with the folding mechanism “Dolphin” if necessary, replace the bed and the rest of the time will serve as a convenient landing place near the dining table. Sofas Bristol are made with upholstered faux leather is a practical material, ideal for the kitchen space. As decor designers included decorative stitching and symmetrical ties at the back and the seat.

Лучшие диваны для сна: рейтинг и обзор моделей

Corner sofa “Rhine” for a large living room

Comfortable and soft sofa “Rhine” will become a decoration of any living room. The role of back here have a decorative pillow that can be positioned as convenient. Armrest models have an interesting rounded shape and covered in fabric.

Sofa “Rhine” will become not just a place for quality sleep, but also the best option when watching TV or reading. He has a capacious box for linen, which is located at the corner portion (the Ottoman). It is convenient to be stored bedding. In addition, the folding mechanism in the couches “Rhine” is very comfortable and is called “Dolphin”.