Best gift: smart BRABUS sports

Лучший подарок: спортивный smart BRABUS

Perfect car for the city. Can you imagine a better Christmas gift?

This compact city car has all the possible sports performance. Let’s start with power. She is 80 kW or 109 HP, and surpasses all previous version of the smart standard. Thanks to her smart BRABUS fortwo can accelerate from standstill to 100 km/h in 9.5 seconds, while the maximum speed of the smart BRABUS forfour reaches 180 km/h!

You should pay attention to the Performance of the BRABUS sport suspension that was 20% stiffer than the sport suspension BRABUS. On the front axle includes a stabilizer bar that reduces roll by about 9%. And ESP®, now specially adapted.

Appeared in car and steering with servo and adjustable ratio, allowing the driver better feel the traction and control the car.

And the last one. Because of the improved response time (40%) and shorter gear ratios 6-speed dual-clutch transmission with twinamic suitable for sports driving. And if you add to that the Race Start function, which automatically sets the optimum number of revolutions per minute, and a slip clutch for maximum set speed then to take the car can even a beginner! To use, you just need to release the brake pedal, pressing the gas pedal.

Now about the salon. In the new line of design has become more adapted to the city landscape. In autobile BRABUS have seats upholstered in perforated nappa leather or black leather with distinctive gray stitching, the instrument cluster BRABUS decorated with a mix of faux leather or fabric, dashboard RABUS decorated with a mix of faux leather or fabric, floor mats BRABUS Xclusive badges in the triangle of mirrors and b-pillar.

The range BRABUS Xclusive is available in a standard package with the LED & Sensor, heated seats for driver and front passenger, while the smart forfour rear seat readyspace is equipped with a removable drawer for purchases.