Лучший актер «Кинотавра» получил очередную награду
The role of Alexander Yatsenko noted in Karlovy vary.

Alexander Yatsenko

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

Julia Peresild and Yevgeny Mironov, who was a jury
28-th festival “Kinotavr” and was named the best actor of the year Alexander Yatsenko, can
be proud that you made the right choice. After starring in
the film by Boris Khlebnikov “Arrhythmia” received a similar prize at the international

The prize for best actor went to the film festival.
in Karlovy vary. This is a very prestigious award, the film forum is in the highest
category a, which is awarded only 15 festivals worldwide including
Cannes, Venice, Berlin.

The film “Arrhythmia”, which was awarded in Sochi and the Grand Prix
as one of the major events of the cinematic season. The heroes of the film by Alexander
Yatsenko and Irina Gorbacheva — ordinary people deciding, it would seem normal to
any family problems. But the picture makes you think and empathize, causing
emotions. For example, she could not hold back tears when I first saw
at “Kinotavr” film with his participation.

He Yatsenko to success and rewards true irony. At the ceremony
the closing of “Kinotavr”, when Yulia Peresild announced from the stage his name
Alexander was not in the room. He had to hastily return from the lobby, and
the reply was short and concise.