«Кроме цифры, больше ничего не изменилось», — Дженнифер Энистон рассказала о жизни после 50 лет

Popular Hollywood actress and the audience favorite Jennifer aniston told in an interview about the perception of their age and keeping yourself in shape.

The American actress became the main heroine of the new issue of foreign gloss “InStyle”. Magazine Jennifer Aniston not only starred in a photo shoot where he appeared in different images, but gave an interview in which he revealed the secret of impeccable appearance, sense of self and talked about modern women.

Thus, the 50-year-old aniston posed for celebrity photographer Michael Thompson in stylish pieces from their new collections “Saint Laurent”, “DKNY” and “Fendi”. And though the outfits were beautiful, still more attention is drawn to the beauty actress, who looks years younger than his age.

Jennifer herself also admitted that he feels much younger than his years. The actress wants people changed the usual sense of the numbers in the passport and dispelled stereotypes.

— My first thought after I turned 50, was: “Oh, here is the number”. In addition to this figure, nothing else has changed. Physically I feel incredible. It’s strange when the people around shouting: “You look amazing for your age!”. I think in our society it is necessary to introduce a kind of etiquette about talking about age and to prohibit the verbiage, reported the celebrity.

The fact that aniston feels great, confirmed by the pictures. In the frame of the star appeared not only a low-key images, but even more blatant, where boldly showed cleavage, posing in revealing costumes. Some photos aniston showed her ample bosom, and others have demonstrated a slim figure in a bra. Appeared actress with different hairstyles and makeup. It is worth noting that Jennifer looks fresh and fit.

Jennifer aniston has revealed her secrets for the perfect skin and hair. As it turned out, the star remembered the advice from his mother since childhood that it is necessary to nourish and moisturize the skin. Therefore, she can’t imagine her life without the oils and moisturizers for the face. The secret of perfect hair, the actress is very simple — every month she makes the cut and painted.

The actress added that so far the only thing that was bothering her hair.

— I’m not gonna lie — I don’t like my gray hair. So I am conducting monthly meetings with your colorist, admitted aniston.

Also in the interview the actress spoke about the influence of the modern women:

Women were never allowed to take power. We were never allowed to be strong. Today, the power and force seems to me to be as sexy as women’s intelligence, and how women are creative and what it is capable, — said aniston.

Recall that the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the actress visited her ex-husband, Hollywood actor brad pitt, who left her for Angelina Jolie. Now he is divorcing Jolie, trying to divide children and property.

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