Bentley Elizabeth II for sale on Craigslist.

«Бентли» Елизаветы II продается на сайте объявлений The malachite color car looking for new owner. “Bentley,” which went Queen of great Britain, put up for sale by a collector, for a car he hopes to gain about 200 thousand pounds sterling.

      «Бентли» Елизаветы II продается на сайте объявлений

      In a very unexpected came across a lot of British journalists, monitorindia popular in UK website for sale cars.

      Their attention was drawn to the upscale car class “luxury” Bentley Mulsanne rare malachite color. The media immediately put two and two together and realized that the owner of this supercar was once Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, by the way, being prepared these days to celebrate their anniversary – the oldest monarch in the world at the end of April I will be 90 years old. For sale Bentley Mulsanne put the current owner of the car collector Greg Simon, and now the owner of Royal cars can be anybody and have the means. The very same Simon Greg became the owner of this rare car color in 2014, that’s when the car was decommissioned from the Royal fleet. The collector expects to gain from the sale of a Bentley for Elizabeth II of almost 200 thousand pounds sterling. The machine has 10 thousand kilometers, leather interior, air conditioning. But of course, all these options are a nice addition to the main thing is the fact that the car took such an important person as the Queen of England, makes it invaluable.

      It is worth noting that not so long ago at auction went Fiat, on which the Pope traveled to new York while visiting America last year. Bought the car for 300 thousand dollars. It is ten times more than the cost of a new car of the same class. But the vehicle, which traveled the British monarchs, extremely rarely available for sale, which only adds to their pictures.

      By the way, in the beginning of this year the owner of the car class “luxury” was the great-grandson of Elizabeth II, the son of Kate Middleton and Prince William Prince George. Aston Martin 1988 release went to the kid in inheritance from the father. The car is not present, but is reduced in two times exact replica of a Aston Martin. Once this toy was given to George’s grandfather, Prince Charles as a gift for his sons. It is assumed that behind the wheel of the heir to the Royal family will sit down already in the near future. However, will pull away, even after I have that legs of Prince George could reach the pedals.

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