Бенджи Мэдден трогательно поздравил жену с днем рождения

The couple Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden are among those celebrities who prefer not to dwell on the fact that they have going on. They rarely speak about the personal interviews and rarely published pictures, but in honor of the birthday of the actress, the musician decided to tell the world about how he was lucky to be with such a wonderful woman.

Бенджи Мэдден трогательно поздравил жену с днем рождения
“Happy birthday, my beautiful wife! You’re my best friend, and sometimes I want to shout it to the whole world. Generous, kind, brave, smart, modest, patient are just a few words that you describe. Thank you for what you always here to stay, I was very lucky! I love you very much” — posted by Benji on his page in the social network under the photo, where they and Cameron are standing in the rain, and visible only by their silhouettes.

Recall that the couple met through a mutual friend, the wife of the elder brother, Benji Joel Nicole Richie in 2014, and a little more than six months, the couple married.


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