Бенедикта Камбербэтча едва не убили во время ограбления

Who would have thought that, at first glance, calm and serious Brit Benedict Cumberbatch is a true lover of extreme entertainment, such as motorcycle racing or skydiving.

In an interview with reporters, the star of “Sherlock” told a terrible story about how he was faced with gangsters, when he worked in South Africa.

The executor of a role of Sherlock Holmes has admitted that the case before the end of days will remain in his memory, because then he thought he would die right here and now.

The situation was as follows: Benedict participated in the filming of the project in South Africa. In one of days the team had the day off. To sit in the room the actor felt boring, so he persuaded his friend to go to the coast to swim and dive.

“In the desert, our car was stopped by armed bandits (turned out to be, this part of the road in control of a gang specializing in looting and hostage-taking). They took everything, they tied up and I was still stuck in the trunk of a car. I fought, screamed, begged for release. And at some point, already began to prepare for the inevitable, as it seemed, death,” says Benedict.

Fated Benedict and his friend, the bandits refused to kill. Men were thrown in bound and disappeared.

“What was that? We were able to free themselves from the shackles and have come a very long distance, before we came upon a couple of locals. Asked them for the phone and announced himself. Lucky to be alive…” — says the actor.

Oddly enough, but the case is not forced Benedict to be afraid of everything around you, but rather awakened in him an even greater thirst for adrenaline: “My love for adrenaline-fuelled madness, then, only intensified. Adventure haunted. The next morning, for example, I went to dive and swim with special pleasure. SIP your morning coffee, cool sea water, cold beer — what we used to think only little joys, turns into a luxury, after I was on the verge of death…”