Benedict Cumberbatch has told how he almost died

Бенедикт Камбербэтч рассказал, как чуть не погиб
The actor still can’t believe survived.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch
who recently proved himself a real hero, getting involved in a fight for
in order to protect the cyclist, who became the victim of robbers, have shared another
criminal history.

As admitted the 41-year-old actor, he was sure,
that this incident will not end sad.
Bendict who came to South Africa for the filming of the series, somehow
miraculously became a victim of local criminals. It all happened late in the evening when
he returned to the hotel from the set. The star of “Sherlock” was in
the car with his colleague and managed to tell him that the place in which they are passing,
look unsafe. In confirmation of his words with a loud pop burst
one of the tires. Benedict realized I ran over something sharp and got out of the car,
to see what was the matter. At this time he was attacked by hiding in ambush criminals. They probably specifically planted to the road sharp object to stop the car.

“Hands on your head! And see only in
the ground! Do not dare to raise his eyes!” — they shouted. And then I pushed in some
the van and drove in an unknown direction. I was sure that I would be tormented
and kill you. But then the van stopped suddenly and I was thrown out of it right
on the road. I never knew that was the reason for their actions and that they are from me
wanted…” — said the actor.