Бенедикт Камбербэтч не разделил желание Мартина Фримена прекратить съемки в «Шерлоке»

For the Benedict Cumberbatch TV series “Sherlock” means a lot, so he did not share the desire of his colleague Martin Freeman to leave the filming process and not appear in the new season. Because of the hype around the continuation of the series, Martin decided not to return to the set.

“It all sounds pretty pathetic, if elevated expectations of fans — is all that’s needed to not want to act on. To be part of such a show is like being a mini-Beatles. Yes, some people’s expectations are not so funny. But this is not the sort of thing where you should enjoy,” said Benedict Cumberbatch in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

Despite the fact that Sherlock and Watson in the series close enough in the life of the actors playing these roles, did not close. “They are professional and very polite to each other. But the heat that you expect to see them after six years of shooting between them,” said a source to the newspaper The Sun.

Martin himself has managed to turn its attention to other meaningful projects, and the shooting of “Sherlock” has long ceased to bring him pleasure. The series itself is not closed, but only suspended indefinitely. Will continue to work on it, when the team will allocate time for it. Freeman certainly part of the team’s not going to be and believes that it can and does the fifth season should not be removed? Early in the interview with Heart, the actor said his point of view.

“I always thought that doing something you need only as long as all involved want to do it – in other words, until the group wants to stay together, you stay together. So I don’t know, I’m just one member of the group. But again to gather all of us together need a lot, it’s true. And I believe in brevity and economy. What’s good for the Beatles – good for me. Seven years to ponapisyvali together hits – and to say goodbye”.

As well as the legendary Beatles, the team has been working together for 7 years. Maybe it is because not a protracted existence, the group has become a true legend, and therefore the project should not continue.