Benedict Cumberbatch announced the start of filming the new season of “Sherlock”

Бенедикт Камбербэтч сообщил о начале съемок нового сезона «Шерлока»
The actor has assured that fans of the series have to wait very long.

Benedict Cumberbatch


Star of TV series “Sherlock” — Benedict Cumberbatch, who became a father in June of 2015, announced that the work on
the new season has already begun. This news is very pleased
fans who have been waiting for the continuation of the extremely popular series.

The fact that the third and final full season ended
for a very long time — in the first half of 2014. And in early 2016 the viewers had
to survive the fierce disappointment when instead of the traditional three or four series,
was shown one episode, which, moreover, was critically appreciated

As for the new full season, then, as assured
Benedict, fans have to have a little more patience to wait for their favorite series long. Show new episodes
scheduled for the beginning of the next, 2017. Already announced that the new season
will consist of three series.

The writers mark gatiss said and Dedicated Moffat said on behalf of
the creators of the series: “Ghosts” from the past Holmesa of Sherlock and Dr. Watson again
will appear in the new season. They will be exposed to the heroes in new adventures,
let me remind you about the past love and friends experienced nightmares. Our story
is approaching its climax!”

The fact that fans of the series took so long
to wait for new episodes, the creators of “Sherlock” explained technical reasons. “We
it took time to reassemble the whole team in full force,” said
Moffat. This, however, it is not surprising, because both by main
role – Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, who plays Dr. Watson is an extremely popular
actors with dense film-making schedule.

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