Ben Stiller admitted that I had and beat cancer

Бен Стиллер признался, что перенес и победил рак

Famous Hollywood comedian made an unexpected confession: a few years ago he was diagnosed with a terrible illness, which he fortunately did.

In recent times we hear about how celebrities are faced with cancer. The happier news that the fight against it can be successful. On the days of their history shared by actor Ben Stiller. His confession came as a surprise: the fact that the famous comedian has cancer, no one knew.

On the fight with disease 50-year-old Ben told the Howard stern show. According to the artist, a few years ago he was diagnosed with a serious form of prostate cancer.

— It was a complete surprise to me – confessed Ben. I didn’t know how to be. I was scared. It stopped everything in my life, because I couldn’t plan the shooting, because they do not know what will happen next, he added then in conversation with journalists The Hollywood Reporter.

As told to Ben, he consulted with many doctors, including the doctor of his friend Robert De Niro, who at the time also faced the same problem. As a result, the actor has found a suitable surgeon, and he was a successful operation.

Now with the health of Ben’s all right, but he continues to get checked out by doctors. At the end of his story Stiller has urged people to frequently go to the clinic for review.

By the way, is not the only health problem with which faced Stiller. He admitted in an interview that he suffers from bipolar disorder and they have frequent mood swings (though he later denied this information, saying that was just joking). All this, however, does not prevent Ben successfully to entertain viewers and be considered one of my favorite comedic actors.