Ben Affleck’s mistress first brought to light

Бен Аффлек впервые вывел любовницу в свет
The actor was accompanied by the woman who replaced his wife at the prestigious ceremony EMMY.

Бен Аффлек впервые вывел любовницу в свет

Ben Affleck


Apparently, Ben Affleck has the most serious intentions for his new girlfriend Lindsey Shukas, producer of the enormously popular evening show Saturday Night Live. Otherwise secretive Ben is unlikely to be accompanied by a lady for the prestigious Emmy Awards ceremony, which is watched by millions of viewers around the world. The more that Lindsay is just one of the many teams the creators of the show, winning in several categories. But Affleck an it was important to demonstrate and Lindsay and the entire Hollywood community that it was for him not just another random friend.

Because so far since July, the couple were seen together only in restaurants, cafes or, for example, last week, at the stadium, which hosted the final tennis match at the prestigious tournament Us Open in new York. But on formal occasions Affleck has never been in the company of Lindsay. But they are not often met in the stores where they bought mostly alcohol.

Ben Affleck and Lindsay Suckas


Affleck first appeared with Lindsay Sukas three months after they with ex-wife Jennifer garner announced in a joint statement about the divorce. To this couple for almost two years tried to rebuild the collapsed stellar marriage, and many had hoped that for the sake of three children Ben and Jennifer could do it.

We can only hope that Jennifer will develop a relationship with actor Chris Pinom. Rumor has it they are secretly Dating, but unlike Affleck, together anywhere isn’t even out yet.