Ben Affleck went on a triple date

Бен Аффлек сходил на тройное свидание
Affleck took a walk with the parents of his mistress and their dogs.

Ben Affleck walking with Lindsay Shukas, her parents and daughter


Meet the parents! Ben Affleck just like the hero of the famous Comedy “meet the parents” and “meet the Fockers” (where the role of the groom plays Ben Stiller) met the parents of his mistress linsey Sukus. A couple with their two dogs invited for a walk parents Lindsay, Robert and Christina. They are together as one big family, in sports pace I ran on the outskirts of Los Angeles, and then went to dinner. With them was another daughter Sukus from his first marriage.

It seems that familiarity Affleck with parents lover (he’s been seeing her since last summer after breaking up with wife Jennifer garner, and possibly much earlier) it’s much nicer than the hero of Ben Stiller. Now there is no doubt about the seriousness of intentions of the actor. All the rumors about their breakup were unfounded. The couple continues to live together and having fun. The fact that Ben bought a house near his former possessions, says only that he wants to meet more often with their three children from garner.

Incidentally, the ex-wife behaves quite well in this situation and sent Ben a touching congratulation on Father’s Day. Apparently, Jennifer has accepted that bin it will not come back. You only have to get her permission to introduce children to linsey Sukus. This is a date — if and when it will happen — put the last point in Affleck plans to re-enter into marriage. Not to mention the fact that Lindsey is not averse to give him a baby. And then Affleck an will not be able to escape neither from her nor from her parents. Despite all the flaws, it’s still a decent man.

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