Ben Affleck was released from the hospital for the holidays

Бена Аффлека выпустили из клиники на праздники
The actor left his lover to be sad alone.

Бена Аффлека выпустили из клиники на праздники

Ben Affleck and Lindsay Suckas


Lindsay Suckas again forced
celebrate holidays — Christmas and New year without my boyfriend. Ben Affleck again, as it was on Thanksgiving day, prefer to spend the holidays with his ex
wife Jennifer garner and their
children: 12-year-old violet, 8-year-old
Serafini, and five-year-old Samuel.

Ben could not
to see family for the holidays. Some time ago, he
was forced to return to the clinic in Los Angeles for the treatment of alcohol
addiction — for the third time in the last
year. And, this time, the doctors ordered him to come there not only the day before, and to stay around the clock. Such measures it took after Affleck again this summer fell through.
He started drinking again, and, according to his friends, in this breakdown the role played by the Lindsay, which itself is a big
a lover of alcohol.

But Jennifer garner
never promoted ex-husband’s craving for alcohol. When in March, Ben graduated from
the first course of treatment, he specially thanked Jennifer for the way she
it supports in combating “green serpent” and cares about their children.

As for Suckas it
although Affleck and released from the hospital for the holidays, you have to be sad in
alone in a luxurious new York apartment, for which Ben pays, and
wait, when he will return to her.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner with kids